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1923-26 – Varsity Eight

1923-26 - Varsity Eight Artist: Varsity Eight
Album: 1923-26
Release Date: October 6, 2000
Duration: 01:12:41
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Early Jazz
Recording Date: September 6, 1923 – January 1, 1926

The Varsity Eight was the name under which recordings made by a group most commonly known as the California Ramblers were issued on the Cameo label between the years 1923 and 1931. Noteworthy participants were the Dorsey brothers, trombonist Abe Lincoln, trumpeter Red Nichols, and bass saxophonist Adrian Rollini, who also operated a goofus; properly known as a couesnophone, this gadget looked and sounded like a toy sax with a rubber mouthpiece. In 2000 the Timeless label compiled and released a delicious sampler of 25 Varsity Eight recordings made between September 1923 and January 1926. There are plenty of delightful surprises here, particularly for those who aren’t too uptight to cut loose and enjoy some innocent, slap-happy old-fashioned entertainment. In addition to solid little jams with titles like “Beets and Turnips,” “Those Panama Mamas.” and “Last Night on the Back Porch,” the grab bag is chock-full of name tunes such as “Oh Joe,” “Oh, Mabel!” “Hula Lou,” “Row, Row, Rosie!,” “Don’t Bring Lulu,” “Hard Hearted Hannah,” and “If You Knew Susie.” Best of all, the Varsity Eight left us durable renditions of early jazz marvels like “Milenberg Joys,” “San,” Elmer Schoebel’s “T.N.

T.,” Maceo Pinkard’s “Sweet Georgia Brown” and Mel Stitzel’s “Doodle-Do-Doo.” Ideal music for cooking without recipes, smoking with no ashtray, dancing on furniture, or driving cross country without a map.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Last Night on the Back Porch / Lew Brown Varsity Eight 2:47
Oh Joe Varsity Eight 3:03
Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away Varsity Eight 3:02
Mean Blues / Art Gillham / Bill Smythe Varsity Eight 3:00
Hula Lou / Wayne King / Jack Yellen Varsity Eight 3:09
Doodle-Doo-Doo Varsity Eight 3:00
San Varsity Eight 2:59
She Loves Me Varsity Eight 2:58
Hard Hearted Hannah / Charles Bates / Bob Bigelow / Jack Yellen Varsity Eight 2:38
A New Kind of Man / Sidney Clare / Leon Flatow Varsity Eight 2:48
No One Knows What It’s All About / Billy Rose / Harry Woods Varsity Eight 2:58
Talking to Myself Varsity Eight 2:59
Copenhagen / Charles Davis Varsity Eight 2:41
Those Panama Mamas Varsity Eight 2:59
Beets and Turnips Varsity Eight 2:52
Oh, Mabel! Varsity Eight 2:58
Cheatin’ on Me / Lew Pollack / Jack Yellen Varsity Eight 3:01
Don’t Bring Lulu / Lew Brown / Billy Rose Varsity Eight 2:44
Sweet Georgia Brown / Ben Bernie / Kenneth Casey / Maceo Pinkard Varsity Eight 2:58
If You Knew Susie / Buddy DeSylva Varsity Eight 3:00
Flag That Train Varsity Eight 2:43
Row, Row, Rosie! / Alfred Bryan / George W. Meyer Varsity Eight 2:52
I’m Gonna’ Hang Around My Sugar Varsity Eight 2:50
Milenberg Joys / Paul Mares / Walter Melrose / Jelly Roll Morton Varsity Eight 2:56
T.N.T. / Elmer Schoebel Varsity Eight 2:46
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