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Collector’s Box – Korn

Collector's Box - Korn Artist: Korn
Album: Collector’s Box
Release Date: April 19, 2004
Duration: 01:57:31
Genre: Pop/Rock, Comedy/Spoken
Styles: Alternative Metal, Rap-Metal, Spoken Word

While most “collector’s sets” tend to be bundles of albums, Korn’s Collector’s Box is an audio biography of the band. Spread out over two discs, the set features interviews with the nu-metal pioneers, as well as detailed reporting on the band’s origin story. While most of the information isn’t anything fans of the band couldn’t dig up on their own, the presentation here is nice and professional, and the British presenters lend the set a certain sense of erudition that one wouldn’t expect to find from a band whose name begins with a backwards K.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Sonic Nirvana Korn 2:54
Mind Games Korn 5:04
Brutal Debut Korn 6:32
Life Is Peachy Korn 6:33
Cutting Edge Korn 9:24
Touring Tribulations Korn 1:57
Fashion Conscious Korn 2:29
Korn Kampaign Korn 2:37
Follow the Leader Korn 4:44
Family Values Korn 3:49
Rock Is Dead Korn 5:18
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