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Dressed for the Occasion – Cliff Richard

Dressed for the Occasion - Cliff Richard Artist: Cliff Richard
Album: Dressed for the Occasion
Release Date: May, 1983
Duration: 01:10:06
Genre: Pop/Rock, Easy Listening
Styles: Contemporary Pop/Rock
Recording Date: November 23, 1982
Recording Location: The Royal Albert Hall, London, England

Cliff Richard’s sixth live album, originally released in 1983 (and coinciding with his 25th anniversary in music), is also his most ambitious, avoiding his early repertoire entirely and focusing on his career from the mid-’70s up through the early ’80s, and offering the accompaniment of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, 60 pieces strong. Recorded live at Royal Albert Hall, it offered the Cliff Richard of “Green Light,” “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” and “Devil Woman” in a bigger-than-life musical setting, his core band of the period — including Mark Griffiths (bass), Dave Cooke (synthesizers), and Graham Jarvis (drums) — augmented by more than two-dozen string players and the rest of the LPO, all conducted by Beatles/Paul McCartney veteran conductor/arranger Richard Hewson. The results are the most impressive of all of Richard’s concert albums, at least as far as the sheer power of the singing and playing — “We Don’t Talk Anymore” as performed here could easily be in the running for the best recording ever done by Richard, and “Green Light” isn’t far behind. His version of “True Love Ways” is also rather overpowering, his intonation and exquisite nuances, coupled with the most elegant accompaniment the song ever had (and remember that Buddy Holly also did it with an orchestra), making it one of the more finely realized renditions ever. Even numbers that were never that impressive before, such as “Galadriel (Spirit of Starlight),” offer a freshness and impact here that is memorable and, in the case of the latter song, ultimately quite haunting. The only flaw in the original LP was the pressing, which seemed to be a bit noisier than one was accustomed to getting from EMI, and also the relatively low volume utilized, partly due to the length of the LP.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Green Light / Alan Tarney Cliff Richard 4:11
We Don’t Talk Anymore / Alan Tarney Cliff Richard 5:08
True Love Ways / Buddy Holly / Norman Petty Cliff Richard 3:16
Softly as I Leave You / Giorgio Calabrese / Hal Shaper / Antonio de Vita Cliff Richard 3:36
Carrie / Terry Britten / Macleod Robertson Cliff Richard 3:27
Treasure of Love / Joe Shapiro Cliff Richard 2:34
Golden Days Are Over / Terry Britten / Sue Shifrin Cliff Richard 5:04
Galadriel (Spirit of Starlight) / John Farrar / Hank Marvin Cliff Richard 5:57
You, Me and Jesus / Cliff Richard Cliff Richard 2:19
Aube Someday / Karel Fialka / Dean Klevatt Cliff Richard 3:45
Miss You Nights / David Townsend Cliff Richard 4:09
Thief in the Night / Paul Field Cliff Richard 4:13
Up in the World / Clifford T. Ward Cliff Richard 2:56
Discovering / Chris Eaton Cliff Richard 3:55
Devil Woman / Terry Britten / Al Hodgson Cliff Richard 4:54
Daddy’s Home / William Miller / James Sheppard Cliff Richard 4:03
Little Town / Chris Eaton Cliff Richard 6:39
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