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Future Listening – Towa Tei

Future Listening - Towa Tei Artist: Towa Tei
Album: Future Listening
Release Date: April 25, 1995
Duration: 52:49
Genre: Electronic, Pop/Rock
Styles: Club/Dance, House, Alternative/Indie Rock, Shibuya-Kei

Towa Tei weds easy listening faux jazz and Brazilian pop to a set of chunkier beats than they’re used to on his debut album. Collaborators include Ryuichi Sakamoto, Arto Lindsay and Laraaji on such tracks as the MPB chestnut “Batucada” and Towa Tei’s own “I Want to Relax, Please.”

Title/Composer Performer Time
I Want to Relax, Please! / Towa Tei Towa Tei 4:11
Technova (La Em Copacabana) / Bebel Gilberto / Towa Tei Towa Tei 5:46
Batucada / Bebel Gilberto / Marcos Valle Towa Tei 3:27
Luv Connection / Towa Tei Towa Tei 7:52
Meditation! / Towa Tei Towa Tei 4:44
Raga Musgo / Towa Tei Towa Tei 1:45
Son of Bambi (Walk Tuff) / Towa Tei Towa Tei 5:53
La Douce Vie (Amai Seikatsu) / Nokko / Towa Tei Towa Tei 4:21
Obrigado / Arto Lindsay / Towa Tei Towa Tei 3:06
Dubnova, Pts. 1 & 2 / Bebel Gilberto / Towa Tei Towa Tei 11:44
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