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Greece: Chants Des Tavernes/Rebetiko – Mandragore

Greece: Chants Des Tavernes/Rebetiko - Mandragore Artist: Mandragore
Album: Greece: Chants Des Tavernes/Rebetiko
Release Date: 2007
Duration: 46:13
Genre: International
Styles: Greek, Mediterranean Traditions
Recording Date: 2006
Recording Location: Vincennes

The Greek musical genre rebetiko became popular in the bars and hashish dens in the slums of port cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Roughly analogous to the blues, it speaks of and to the disenfranchised poor, frequently including songs about hashish and opium smoking. Though it lacks some of the form’s earthiness, this expertly performed and sung collection from the Greek folk revival band Mandragore gives an idea of the music’s essential appeal, with excellent solo oud and bouzouki performances.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Ego Thelo Prigipessa Mandragore 2:47
Mi Mou Lès Yati Xehnao Mandragore 2:29
Tha Spasso Coupès / Traditional Mandragore 5:07
Taximi Hidjaz Oud Mandragore 2:00
Ferté Preza Mandragore 2:55
S’Agapo (I Love You) / Traditional Mandragore 4:09
Hassapiko / Traditional Mandragore 2:38
Pende Mangès Sto Piréa Mandragore 3:52
Taximi Kurdi Bouzouki Mandragore 3:33
To Vapori Ap Tin Persia Mandragore 3:24
Valé Mé Stin Angalia Sou Mandragore 3:19
Taximi Saba Bouzouki Mandragore 1:20
Aïvaliotiko / Traditional Mandragore 2:55
Manga Kai Alani Mandragore 3:46
As Erkhossoun Ya Ligho Mandragore 1:59
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