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I, Assassin – Gary Numan

I, Assassin - Gary Numan Artist: Gary Numan
Album: I, Assassin
Release Date: September 10, 1982
Duration: 01:18:18
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: New Romantic, New Wave, Synth Pop
Recording Location: Rock City Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England

After the spare and lengthy reflections and dislocated experiments of his excellent Dance album, Gary Numan made a return to a more focused approach with I, Assassin, which turned out to be his last truly great album for many years.

Much of what would characterize his later music in the ’80s did start to show up here, to be sure, but instead of the formless flailing all too apparent on Warriors, and especially on Berserker, Numan’s work here with modern electronic funk combines his early rigor and to-the-point rhythms with a deft, creative hand in the arrangements. “White Boys and Heroes,” the brilliant opening number, remains one of his best singles, featuring fretless bass work from Pino Palladino (long before both it and him had turned into rent-a-clichés), and set against droning, distorted vocals and doom-laden keyboards. The vaguely Asian (or at least the group Japan)-inspired textures of Dance linger on in songs like “A Dream of Siam” and the title track (the latter possessing a captivating hollow-drum-punch introduction), while one of Numan’s most randomly entertaining songs pops up with “The 1930s Rust.” It’s a suave finger-snapping number that even features harmonica, but somehow Numan’s ear for to-the-point rhythm and strange futurism still comes through. Perhaps the most underrated song remains the sharp hipshaker “War Songs” — U2 may never want to admit it, but “Numb” takes more than a little from the distorted up-and-down introductory guitar clips.

Title/Composer Performer Time
White Boys and Heroes / Gary Numan Gary Numan 6:23
War Songs / Gary Numan Gary Numan 5:05
A Dream of Siam / Gary Numan Gary Numan 6:13
Music for Chameleons / Gary Numan Gary Numan 6:06
This Is My House / Gary Numan Gary Numan 4:52
I, Assassin / Gary Numan Gary Numan 5:26
The 1930’s Rust / Gary Numan Gary Numan 3:55
We Take Mystery to Bed / Gary Numan Gary Numan 6:10
War Games / Gary Numan Gary Numan 3:55
Glitter and Ash / Gary Numan Gary Numan 4:42
The Image Is / Gary Numan Gary Numan 5:55
This House Is Cold / Gary Numan Gary Numan 5:27
Noise, Noise / Gary Numan Gary Numan 3:49
We Take Mystery / Gary Numan Gary Numan 5:58
Bridge? What Bridge? / Gary Numan Gary Numan 4:22
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