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In a Dream – Cole Broderick

In a Dream - Cole Broderick Artist: Cole Broderick
Album: In a Dream
Release Date: 2005
Duration: 46:27
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Post-Bop, Smooth Jazz, Mainstream Jazz
Recording Location: Spirit 11 Enterprises

This stellar follow-up to Cole Broderick’s four-part recording titled Seasons of Saratoga and the subsequent release of Zone finds the pianist in a solo state of mind. In a Dream further enhances his ability to transport listeners to a place that is completely different than where his other musical journeys have explored. The record features 12 original compositions penned by Broderick that showcase his versatile musical tastes in a potpourri of styles that range from ballads to blues, bossa nova, funk, swing, gospel, and even Christian rock.

In a word, there is something for everyone. His piano melodies are unique and pensive, and cover a broad spectrum of emotions as documented on such songs as “One Day Left to Love,” which was inspired by a poem written by Ann Hauprich, “We Are One,” and the title track, “In a Dream.” Broderick’s piano performance is heady at best but at the same time lyrical and beautiful. This solo journey is indicative of Broderick’s ability to announce and make clear the components that form his self-portrait, and offers an up-close and personal example of his individuality and passionate elegance.

Title/Composer Performer Time
If It Ain’t Baroque Cole Broderick 3:45
One Day Left to Love Cole Broderick 2:55
In a Dream Cole Broderick 5:32
Go! Cole Broderick 4:08
Little Boy Cole Broderick 4:12
Say What! Cole Broderick 4:18
Jenny Cole Broderick 3:00
I Love You…with All My Heart Cole Broderick 3:31
Francis Fudge Cole Broderick 3:47
God Had to Save the Best for Last Cole Broderick 2:40
Mai Lei Cole Broderick 3:08
We Are One Cole Broderick 2:36
Spirit 11 Cole Broderick 2:55
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