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In God We Trust – Stryper

In God We Trust - Stryper Artist: Stryper
Album: In God We Trust
Release Date: 1988
Duration: 38:10
Genre: Religious, Pop/Rock
Styles: Christian Metal, Christian Rock, Contemporary Christian, Hard Rock, Gospel

Unquestionably Stryper’s strongest and most rockin’ album, To Hell with the Devil was a tough act to follow. Instead of following it up with something equally intense, the band stressed its pop side on In God We Trust. Though not quite as big a seller as To Hell with the Devil, the album quickly went gold and fell short of platinum. In God isn’t a terrible album by any means, and it does have its moments (most notably, “Come to the Everlife” and “The Writing’s on the Wall”), but some of the other material isn’t very memorable. Quite often, Stryper sounds like just another MTV-friendly arena rock band. More devoted Stryper aficionados are the main listeners who should acquire this album.

Title/Composer Performer Time
In God We Trust / Stryper Stryper 3:58
Always There for You / Stryper / Michael Sweet Stryper 4:11
Keep the Fire Burning / Stryper Stryper 3:40
I Believe in You / Stryper Stryper 3:20
The Writing’s on the Wall / Stryper Stryper 4:19
It’s Up 2 U / Stryper Stryper 3:50
The World of You and I / Stryper Stryper 3:45
Come to the Everlife / Stryper Stryper 4:08
Lonely / Stryper Stryper 4:10
The Reign / Stryper Stryper 2:49
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