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Innuendo – Danny Kortchmar

Innuendo - Danny Kortchmar Artist: Danny Kortchmar
Album: Innuendo
Release Date: 1980
Genre: Pop/Rock

As much a product of its time as Danny Kortchmar’s 1973 debut Kootch, 1980’s Innuendo is a heavy, guitar jam record, built primarily on slow bluesy numbers but seasoned with the occasional reggae workout flavored with electronic voices or a slow, churning ballad or tightly wound new wave rocker. As the title track is one of those punchy neon-colored groovers, it’s tempting to call this Kortchmar’s attempt to ride the new wave wave, but this is a ’70s sessionman hangover, too hard and heavy in how it tries to sound young, and apart from the dynamic “Hair of the Dog,” not hooky enough to really catch, and the whole thing seems as desperate and sweaty as the cover shot of Kootch.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Betty and Her Friend Danny Kortchmar
Innuendo Danny Kortchmar
Ego Tripper Danny Kortchmar
I Starred in That Movie Danny Kortchmar
Hair of the Dog Danny Kortchmar
When the Eagle Flies Danny Kortchmar
You and What Army Danny Kortchmar
Lost in the Shuffle Danny Kortchmar
Killer’s Kiss Danny Kortchmar
Ghost of Errol Flynn Danny Kortchmar
Endless Sleep Danny Kortchmar
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