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King Vision – Grand Buffet

King Vision - Grand Buffet Artist: Grand Buffet
Album: King Vision
Release Date: November 6, 2007
Duration: 32:34
Genre: Rap, Pop/Rock
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Electronic, Indie Rock, Left-Field Hip-Hop, Alternative Rap, East Coast Rap, Underground Rap

After a handful of strong EPs, the Pittsburgh-based alt-rap outfit Grand Buffet returns with their first full-length album in eight years. KING VISION melds indie-pop instincts with distortion freak-outs and old-school breakbeats, not to mention Jackson and Jarred’s bizarre brand of tag-team lyricism, making for a logical thread leading from what the Beastie Boys laid down on LISCENCE TO ILL 20-plus years back up to the manic underground chaos of El-P and Aesop Rock.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Born in the USA Grand Buffet 2:27
Overcoming Grand Buffet 2:41
Casting Shadows Grand Buffet 1:54
Seek to Know Grand Buffet 1:59
Drones Grand Buffet 2:12
Heavy Targets Grand Buffet 3:29
The Coolest Dog Grand Buffet 1:27
Dark Autumn Grand Buffet 3:34
Tiny Vacation Grand Buffet 1:49
Outside Grand Buffet 3:30
Cream Cheese Money Grand Buffet 2:32
Sunset Witch Grand Buffet 3:00
Death Paver Grand Buffet 2:00
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