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Last One Picked – Superchick

Last One Picked - Superchick Artist: Superchick
Album: Last One Picked
Release Date: October 8, 2002
Duration: 43:30
Genre: Religious, Pop/Rock
Styles: Alternative CCM, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk-Pop
Recording Location: Bruce’s House

Teen angst is the subject of Superchick’s second opus entitled Last One Picked. As the name suggests, the members of the band are singing directly to those who were the last ones picked in the cruelty of high school. Leading off the disc is the cut “Highschool.” Here, the band delves into a straightforward rock vibe to blare out the injustices of the high school mentality. “So Bright (Stand Up)” is a cut with personality. The tune saunters into No Doubt territory with staccato rhythms, and D.J. nuances. “Hero” is a cut that mixes drum loops together with a chunky guitar to form an anthemic masterpiece. “I Belong To You” is a detour on the release. The cut boasts a beautiful acoustic guitar melody and the sincere, emotional vocals of Tricia that take the tune to the next level. Last One Picked is an absolutely stunning conglomeration of tunes.

Finally, a disc for the teen generation that expresses positivity, no sexual connotations, and a truckload of inspiration that will totally get you on your feet.

Title/Composer Performer Time
High School / Superchick Superchick 4:49
Real / Superchick Superchick 4:09
One and Lonely / Superchick Superchick 3:27
So Bright (Stand Up) / Superchick Superchick 4:05
Hero / Superchick Superchick 3:25
Na Na / Superchick Superchick 3:44
Song 4 Tricia (Princes and Frogs) / Superchick Superchick 1:44
Wonder (If She’ll Get It) / Superchick Superchick 3:54
I Belong to You / Superchick Superchick 2:43
Rock Stars / Superchick Superchick 3:50
We All Fall / Superchick Superchick 7:40
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