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Magia – Jerry Rivera

Magia - Jerry Rivera Artist: Jerry Rivera
Album: Magia
Release Date: 1995
Duration: 46:25
Genre: Latin, International
Styles: Bolero, Tropical, Western European Traditions, Salsa
Recording Location: Alfa Re; Carribean Recording Studios, Puerto Rico; Ochoa Studios, Puerto Rico; Tele Sound Studios, Puerto Rico

Jerry Rivera’s seventh Sony Latin production began to show the signs of sag on the singer’s reigning popularity; not that there is any reason to fret, since the material is essentially the same game as his earlier productions. However, an air of sameness casts a pall over this recording; the title tune is the better-promoted one on this outing.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Ahora Que Estoy Sólo / Mary Lauret Jerry Rivera 3:51
Magia / Omar Alfanno Jerry Rivera 4:33
Trebol de Cuatro Hojas / Alejandro Vezzani Jerry Rivera 4:31
Un Amor Verdadero / Omar Alfanno Jerry Rivera 5:06
Amor Magico Jerry Rivera 4:34
Nunca Imaginé / Omar Alfanno Jerry Rivera 5:06
Gracias / Omar Alfanno Jerry Rivera 5:07
Corazon Roto Jerry Rivera 4:14
Loco Enamorado / Eric Leris Jerry Rivera 4:29
Tierra Sin Sol Jerry Rivera 4:54
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