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Meselia Hill – Mihály Borbély

Meselia Hill - Mihály Borbély Artist: Mihály Borbély
Album: Meselia Hill
Release Date: June 21, 2005
Duration: 57:37
Genre: International
Recording Date: April 5, 2004 – September 12, 2004
Recording Location: Tom-Tom studio, Budapest, Hungary

Mihaly Borbely named this CD after Meselia Hill, a cultural melting pot in his native Hungary. His original music is improvised jazz that is influenced by his Hungarian folk heritage and open to classical music and various forms of world music; it is symbolically a musical melting pot. In addition to alto, tenor, and soprano saxes, Borbely plays some exotic wind instruments that interact with the cymbalom of Mikjos Lukacs on five brief pieces titled “Dera #1” through “Dera #5.” The other selections are more extended and usually have Borbely joined by a rhythm section that includes the Keith Jarrett-inspired pianist Gabor Cseke. Violinist Zoltan Lantos is a special guest on two numbers, adding both a bit of gypsy jazz and the flavor of Indian music. This is an intriguing set of modern music that grows in interest with each listen.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Dera #1 Mihály Borbély 1:17
Legend Mihály Borbély 12:41
Dera #2 Mihály Borbély 2:19
Bear Dance Mihály Borbély 8:58
Meselia Hill Mihály Borbély 8:11
Dera #3 Mihály Borbély 1:46
Triptych Mihály Borbély 11:46
Dera #4 Mihály Borbély 1:40
Don’t Hide Mihály Borbély 7:32
Dera #5 Mihály Borbély 1:27
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