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Nervous on the Road – Brinsley Schwarz

Nervous on the Road - Brinsley Schwarz Artist: Brinsley Schwarz
Album: Nervous on the Road
Release Date: 1972
Duration: 39:06
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Country-Rock, Pub Rock, Rock & Roll, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Recording Date: April, 1972 – May, 1972
Recording Location: Rockfield Studio, Monmouth, Wales

Silver Pistol wrote the blueprint for Brinsley Schwarz’s pub rock, but Nervous on the Road perfected the group’s sound, helping Brinsley to become the definitive pub rock band in the process. Nervous on the Road has a fuller, more detailed production than its predecessor, as well as a looser feeling — even with the smooth production, it sounds like the band was captured on a good night at the Tally Ho. But what really makes the record is its excellent selection of songs, almost all of which were written by Nick Lowe. “Happy Doing What We’re Doing,” “Surrender to the Rhythm,” and “Nervous on the Road” are all great rock & roll songs about rock & roll, spiked with an off-kilter sense of humor. “Don’t Lose Your Grip on Love” is Lowe’s first great ballad, while Ian Gomm’s “It’s Been So Long” is one of his best songs. And the covers of “I Like It Like That” and “Home in My Hand” are wonderful pub rockers, giving the album the feeling of an excellent concert. Nevertheless, what makes Nervous on the Road such a fine record is the combination of empathetic performances, unpredictable songwriting, and charming unpretentiousness, all of which help make the album one of the great forgotten rock & roll records.

Title/Composer Performer Time
It’s Been So Long / Ian Gomm feat: Brinsley Schwarz 2:07
Happy Doing What We’re Doing / Bob Andrews / Nick Lowe feat: Brinsley Schwarz 4:42
Surrender to the Rhythm / Nick Lowe feat: Brinsley Schwarz 3:24
Don’t Lose Your Grip on Love / Nick Lowe feat: Brinsley Schwarz 4:23
Nervous on the Road (But Can’t Stay at Home) / Nick Lowe feat: Brinsley Schwarz 4:57
Feel a Little Funky / Nick Lowe feat: Brinsley Schwarz 5:08
I Like It Like That / Chris Kenner / Allen Toussaint feat: Brinsley Schwarz 3:05
Brand New You, Brand New Me / Nick Lowe feat: Brinsley Schwarz 4:38
Home in My Hand / Ronnie Self feat: Brinsley Schwarz 2:56
Why, Why, Why, Why, Why / Nick Lowe feat: Brinsley Schwarz 3:46
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