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Places in Time – Michael Gettel

Places in Time - Michael Gettel Artist: Michael Gettel
Album: Places in Time
Release Date: 1992
Duration: 42:37
Genre: New Age, Jazz
Styles: Adult Alternative, Chamber Jazz, Solo Instrumental, Keyboard/Synthesizer/New Age
Recording Date: September, 1990 – March, 1991
Recording Location: A.D. Productions, Milwaukee, WI; AD Productions, Milwaukee, WI; Desitrek Studios, Portland, OR

His earlier new age ensemble work on both Narada and his original label, Miramar, has been impressive, but the picturesque lovely and uplifting Places in Time rivals the two David Lanz and Paul Speer collaborations as top notch genre contributions. The keyboardist has a grand ear for musical imagery, simplicity, orchestration and production, and his melodies stay with you, make you think, and give you spiritual guidance if you let them-much like the music of David Lanz. In many ways, Gettel combines the sweetness of Lanz with the sweeping synth energy of Spencer Brewer. Places begins smoothly, with the lovely “The Old House is Silent” giving way to a rush of “Zuni Rain” and the sprightly “Angel’s Landing,” which are more contemporary jazz than new age. “River Run” paints a daring journey down the San Juan River, providing twists at every turn. The only tune that cools the momentum is the reflective “The Storyteller Sleeps,” but it’s still a lush sentiment. Helping Gettel’s masterful keys convey the places he’s been (chronicled in the liner notes) are Nancy Rumbel, Russel Walker, and flugelhornist Dave Mitchell.

Title/Composer Performer Time
The Old House Is Silent / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 4:51
Zuñi Rain / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 4:02
Angel’s Landing / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 4:28
Memory in the Snow / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 3:41
The Storyteller Sleeps / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 4:40
Amu Jikan (Time Weave) / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 4:55
River Run / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 7:27
Through Bucky’s Eyes / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 3:53
Winter’s Twilight / Michael Gettel Michael Gettel 4:40
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