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PV Trecks – Hecker

PV Trecks - Hecker Artist: Hecker
Album: PV Trecks
Release Date: July 13, 2004
Duration: 33:53
Genre: Electronic, Pop/Rock
Styles: Electronica, Experimental

If you found Hecker’s Sun Pandämonium confusing, wait until you hear PV Trecks. They are very different, yet to some extent exactly the same. One immediately recognizes Hecker’s sound palette: analog-sounding tones and retro sine waves manipulated and treated in ways that can only be digital, yet remain true to a certain “electronic pioneer” aesthetic.

Where this album differs from previous ones is in the way the material has been arranged and is being presented. Exit the 20-minute epics and psycho-acoustically sickening drones: PV Trecks consists of 33 short segments, all very dynamic, hyperactive and — truth be told — entertaining! A lot less noisy (although not excluding noise altogether) and overbearing, this album builds on the trickster aspects of Sun Pandämonium and adds a deeper-running form of humor. That is not to say the music lacks seriousness; under all the funny sounds, fast-paced action, and cartoonish start-stop format, there is a lot of inventive computing and genuine mad science at work. But in the end, this album provides a lighter listen than its predecessor and offers greater replay value. One could argue that PV Trecks is best approached as a single 35-minute work in 33 movements — and it indeed presents some kind of narrative, albeit in a fragmented, jagged form — but listeners may have a lot of fun playing the CD on random mode, taking each track as a separate compositional module. PV Trecks is obviously not for the faint of heart, especially if you dislike crude electronic tones, but it is certainly less extreme and more palatable than its older brother.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Y-Gwaot Phase Inv Hecker 4:05
Y-Gwaot Phase Inv Hecker 3:03
Y-Gwaot Phase Inv Hecker 2:08
Y-Gwaot Phase Inv Hecker 0:36
A51 Hecker 0:49
Mini Hecker 0:08
CLA Hecker 0:35
Bet Hecker 0:05
Füma A2 Hecker 0:12
Füma A4 Hecker 0:13
Based — Polarisation — Modulated Hecker 1:20
Fµziar Bell Hecker 0:44
Fµziar Bell Edit Hecker 1:28
Mini Hecker 0:34
L-Relief Hecker 0:40
L-Packing Hecker 2:13
Femtoje Helical Hecker 0:36
Dyn Acid Hecker 0:19
Ip 5xc Hecker 0:12
Ixi 6 Hecker 0:06
LP Ryntlk Hecker 0:50
Reverb & Resynth 5 Hecker 1:09
PDO Hecker 0:04
IP PDO Hecker 0:04
PM Synth Hecker 0:33
PM Synth Hecker 3:32
VS 86246710115.0291 Hecker 0:50
Mini Hecker 0:11
Verxir 3 Mix Hecker 0:30
UY Hecker 0:24
UY°r Hecker 0:11
Chant WS Hecker 0:25
Ciz-Glemp 2 Hecker 5:04
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