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Scottish Fiction: Best of 1997-2007 – Idlewild

Scottish Fiction: Best of 1997-2007 - Idlewild Artist: Idlewild
Album: Scottish Fiction: Best of 1997-2007
Release Date: October 1, 2007
Duration: 01:02:20
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Scottish Fiction: Best of 1997-2007 serves as a concise retrospective of Scottish indie rockers Idlewild, making it a good introduction for those unfamiliar with the group. The disc includes a number of Idlewild’s singles, including “You Held the World in Your Arms” and “American English,” and cuts from their major albums (as can be expected from a greatest-hits collection). The songs on the collection are mixed rather than listed chronologically; while it may be difficult to chart the band’s evolution on Scottish Fiction, the album more than makes up for this by offering a well-rounded guide to Idlewild’s amiable yet bittersweet sound. This collection is also a worthwhile investment for those who are somewhere in the middle — familiar with Idlewild’s sound but unsure about where to start — as Scottish Fiction doesn’t draw too heavily on any one album from the band’s discography.

Dedicated fans, however, may be disappointed in Scottish Fiction’s no frills approach. [There are no new tracks, alternative takes, or live versions on the disc, so those looking for a more intimate portrait of the band may do well to purchase the special edition, bonus DVD collection; the DVD half of the set features documentary and live footage, as well as promotional videos and a photo gallery.]

Title/Composer Performer Time
You Held the World in Your Arms / Idlewild Idlewild 3:23
No Emotion / Idlewild Idlewild 3:04
Roseability / Idlewild Idlewild 3:40
When I Argue I See Shapes / Idlewild Idlewild 4:24
Love Steals Us from Loneliness / Idlewild Idlewild 3:13
American English / Idlewild Idlewild 4:34
These Wooden Ideas / Idlewild Idlewild 3:53
El Capitan / Idlewild Idlewild 3:57
A Modern Way of Letting Go / Idlewild Idlewild 2:24
Let Me Sleep (Next to the Mirror) / Idlewild Idlewild 3:22
I’m a Message / Idlewild Idlewild 2:31
In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction / Idlewild Idlewild 3:50
I Understand It / Idlewild Idlewild 3:21
Little Discourage / Idlewild Idlewild 3:11
As If I Hadn’t Slept / Idlewild Idlewild 3:37
Live in a Hiding Place / Idlewild Idlewild 3:16
Make Another World / Idlewild Idlewild 6:40
[CD-Rom Track] Idlewild
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