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Smogmagica – Le Orme

Smogmagica - Le Orme Artist: Le Orme
Album: Smogmagica
Release Date: 1975
Duration: 35:59
Genre: Pop/Rock, Latin, International
Styles: Latin Pop, Italian Music, Pop, Western European Traditions

Following two progressive rock classics in Felona e Serona and Contrappunti, along with the excellent live recording Beyond Leng, Le Orme decided to change their successful formula.

They added guitarist Tolo Marton and pursued a more pop-oriented style, which while hardly mainstream, proved to be a disappointment to their established fan base. History has not been kind to this oft-overlooked release, but to dismiss it completely would be a mistake. A thorough listen reveals some excellent moments, such as the guitar-heavy “Los Angeles” and the atmospheric pieces “Immensa Distesa” and “Laserium Floyd.” In fairness, most of the pop-flavored material does prove to be rather bland, although “Amanti Di Citta” seems to capture the jocund spirit they seemed to be striving for. Casual fans can pass on this enigmatic recording, but those interested in this underrated band are encouraged to give it an open-minded listen.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Los Angeles Le Orme 7:13
Amico Di Ieri Le Orme 3:18
Ora O Mai Più Le Orme 2:40
Laserium Floyd Le Orme 4:18
Primi Passi Le Orme 3:29
Immensa Distesa Le Orme 3:51
Amanti Di Città Le Orme 3:30
L’ Uomo del Pianino Le Orme 3:21
Laurel Canyon Le Orme 4:19
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