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Songs From the Homeplace – Jim & Jesse

Songs From the Homeplace - Jim & Jesse Artist: Jim & Jesse
Album: Songs From the Homeplace
Release Date: August 11, 1998
Duration: 33:07
Genre: Country
Styles: Bluegrass, Close Harmony, Traditional Bluegrass
Recording Location: House of Cash, Hendersonville, TN; Studiio By The Pond, Hendersonville, TN; Upstairs Studio, Gallatin, TN

On Songs From the Homeplace, the veteran bluegrass duo Jim & Jesse cover songs that they learned growing up in Virginia and that have continued to have a special place with them throughout their career. The aging McReynolds brothers are still in fine throat here and offer up strong versions of tunes by the Carter Family, Grandpa Jones, and Cliff Carlisle, among others. The vocals of Emmylou Harris (who is fast becoming the most ubiquitous album guest in the music industry) meld nicely with the brothers on the plaintive “No Letter in the Mail Today.” While possessing a less-haunting sound than peers such as Ralph Stanley (and despite a run at commercial country at one point), the McReynolds brothers are original bluegrass masters. And anytime you hear Jim & Jesse’s vocal tones merging together and Jesse’s distinctive cross-picking on the mandolin, you’re staring down bluegrass history.

Title/Composer Performer Time
East Bound Frieght Train / Grandpa Jones Jim & Jesse 2:36
Dreaming of a Little Cabin / Albert E. Brumley Jim & Jesse 3:16
Give Me Your Love and I’ll Give You Mine / A.P. Carter Jim & Jesse 2:39
Worried Man Blues / A.P. Carter Jim & Jesse 2:42
Faded Love and Winter Roses / Fred Rose Jim & Jesse 2:38
Jimmie Brown the Newsboy / Fred Rose Jim & Jesse 2:45
The End of Memory Lane / Cliff Carlisle Jim & Jesse 2:46
No Letter in the Mail / Bobby Gregory Jim & Jesse 2:50
Keep on the Sunny Side / A.P. Carter / Gary Garett Jim & Jesse 2:46
I’ll Be an Angel Too Jim & Jesse 2:57
My Time Is Running Out / Jesse McReynolds Jim & Jesse 2:58
My Long Journey Home / Traditional Jim & Jesse 2:14
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