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Stereo Fields – Virgil Cane

Stereo Fields - Virgil Cane Artist: Virgil Cane
Album: Stereo Fields
Release Date: 2005
Duration: 46:07
Genre: Pop/Rock

It takes guts to name your band after the central character from the Band’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.” However, despite some surface similarities to the Band’s faux-Southern Americana obsessions, Virgil Cane has more in common with contemporaries like Wilco and Beachwood Sparks: country-rock is a jumping-off point, not the finish line. Singer-guitarist Butch Boswell is clearly familiar not only with the Band and the Eagles, but also the rootsier side of the ’80s Paisley Underground scene (the Long Ryders, Green on Red, late-era Dream Syndicate), because even the twangiest songs here are overlaid with gently fuzzed guitars, and every few songs comes a neo-psych raveup like the last couple of minutes of the hazy “I Get Nothing” or the narcotic swoon of the Yo La Tengo-like closer, “Your World.” Laid-back without being somnambulant, Stereo Fields is a low-key but thoroughly enjoyable stroll through the points at which country-rock and psychedelia coincide.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Trouble Virgil Cane 4:27
She’s a 49er Virgil Cane 3:27
I Get Nothing Virgil Cane 4:24
All the Time in the World Virgil Cane 4:19
Jalna Virgil Cane 3:38
Love Liza Virgil Cane 3:08
All the Way Virgil Cane 4:12
Falling Back Again Virgil Cane 4:25
Lost Little Babies Virgil Cane 4:35
Feel My Way Along Virgil Cane 3:38
Your World Virgil Cane 5:54
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