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Strangers in Paradise – Smokie

Strangers in Paradise - Smokie Artist: Smokie
Album: Strangers in Paradise
Release Date: 1982
Duration: 39:59
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Euro-Rock

Smokie’s final album, 1982’s Strangers in Paradise was the ideal follow-up to the now three-year-old Other Side of the Road — musically and lyrically, it’s as strong as Smokie ever were, with the title track and “Two Strangers Falling” surely ranking up there with the best of the band’s output. But the production was distinctly old-fashioned, as though the entire album had been recorded four or five years earlier, then left in a box ’till the time was right. Or, in this case, wrong. Add a record label that really didn’t raise a finger to promote the band, and a musical climate that had long since moved away from the standards that Smokie held so dear, and the band weren’t simply out of time, they were out of place as well.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Introduction / Traditional Smokie 0:18
Love Remains a Stranger Smokie 3:57
Falling for You / Alan Silson Smokie 3:50
Yesterday’s Dreams Smokie 3:11
Come on Home / Alan Silson Smokie 3:55
Can You Fell My Heartbeat? Smokie 3:34
Two Strangers Falling Smokie 3:41
You’ll Be Lonely Tonight Smokie 3:08
Mirror Mirror / Alan Silson Smokie 4:06
Now It’s Too Late Smokie 3:34
Long Way from Home / Alan Silson Smokie 4:07
Strangers in Paradise / Alan Silson Smokie 2:38
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