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Strong Language – Lunge

Strong Language - Lunge Artist: Lunge
Album: Strong Language
Release Date: November, 2002
Duration: 01:01:28
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation
Recording Date: December 18, 2000 – June 1, 2002
Recording Location: Gateway Studios, London, England; The Bimhuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Strong Language represents a serious step forward for Gail Brand’s quartet, Lunge. Instead of sounding like a smaller version of the Chris Burn Ensemble (as on their 1999 debut, Braced & Framed), the unit displays a strong personality. At the heart of its originality resides the dichotomy between electronics and acoustics. Phil Durrant and Pat Thomas occasionally pick up their violin or sit at the piano (respectively), but for the most part they play a setup of lo-fi electronics.

Answering them is the tandem formed by drummer Mark Sanders and trombonist Brand, unusual instrumentation to say the least. The latter provides the most stable — or recognizable — voice. Her playing can hardly be described as conventional (her use of the mute is particularly creative), but the sounds she makes cannot be misattributed to someone else. In “Mull It Over,” she even indulges in a melodic motif, to the listener’s delight. Sanders is an amazing drummer — resourceful, creative, and highly flexible; the latter point actually works against him recognition-wise, since his avoidance of trademark tricks has made him impossible to pigeonhole. Good for him (and for listeners). In these sessions he pushes further into subtlety and inspired intervention, switching from textures to rhythms with astounding à propos. Durrant and Thomas act as the wild cards, often redirecting an improvisation simply by deciding to switch from electronic to acoustic (or the other way around). The first four pieces are taken from a live recording at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, in June 2002. The last two come from a studio session in December 2000. The way “Rothko” gently develops into an avant-third stream theme will have you floored.


Title/Composer Performer Time
Planarchy / Gail Brand / Phil Durrant Lunge 16:06
Rough With the Smooth / Gail Brand / Phil Durrant Lunge 10:28
White Writeable Area / Gail Brand / Phil Durrant Lunge 15:23
No Filters / Gail Brand / Phil Durrant Lunge 4:14
Mull It Over / Gail Brand / Phil Durrant Lunge 9:19
Rothko / Gail Brand / Phil Durrant Lunge 5:58
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