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The Definitive Collection – Femi Kuti

The Definitive Collection - Femi Kuti Artist: Femi Kuti
Album: The Definitive Collection
Release Date: May 22, 2007
Duration: 02:23:01
Genre: International
Styles: Afro-beat, Afro-Pop, African Traditions, West African

Femi Kuti has the unenviable position of being an excellent musician and the undisputed king of Afro-beat, while also being the son of the greatest. Of course, that has tempered his sound over the years to some degree as he distanced himself by adding newer influences such as hip-hop to the classic soul-funk-jazz sound.

As time progressed, he has moved into a more “traditional” Afro-beat sound with excellent results. Here, some of the best tracks from his three albums are presented. Two tracks come from the little-known eponymous debut, and a handful from each of his following releases.

This is Femi at his best, crossing the divides between classic and modern, contemplative and energetic, hypnotic and pounding.

The music is top-notch and the song selection equally excellent, picking out a couple of relative rarities for good measure in “Ala Jalkoum” with Rachid Taha and a star-studded cover of Fela’s “Water No Get Enemy” from the Red Hot + series. It’s the sheer power of the groove that will get you every time, though — saxes wailing, drums thumping, and call-and-response vocals forcing everyone to stay in the groove. As an added bonus, a disc of remixes is included; there are fewer vocals but the grooves are extended, if that’s possible.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Do Your Best / Mos Def Femi Kuti feat: Mos Def 6:12
Fight to Win / Jaguar Wright Femi Kuti feat: Jaguar Wright 3:56
’97 Femi Kuti 6:08
Traitors of Africa Femi Kuti 5:30
Beng Beng Beng Femi Kuti 4:44
Water No Get Enemy Femi Kuti feat: D’Angelo / Positive Force / Macy Gray / Roy Hargrove / Nile Rodgers / The Soultronics 6:07
Wonder Wonder Femi Kuti 6:07
Look Around Femi Kuti 6:01
Survival Femi Kuti 8:56
Truth Don Die Femi Kuti 6:18
Stop AIDS Femi Kuti 3:18
Ala Jalkoum / Femi Kuti / Rachid Taha Femi Kuti feat: Rachid Taha 4:56
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