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Time Is Fiction – Edison Glass

Time Is Fiction - Edison Glass Artist: Edison Glass
Album: Time Is Fiction
Release Date: 2008
Duration: 43:30
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Hard Rock, Indie Rock
Recording Location: Indie Rock, Franklin, TN; Platinum Lab, Nashville, TN

Kudos to the artsy foursome for creating a force of indie rock that clearly swims a direction opposite to the tide. The sophomore effort by Credential Recordings’ Edison Glass is an overlooked gem for faith-based fans of alternative rock. A combination of Death Cab for Cutie and House of Heroes, the sound works because of its array of styles that are diverse yet cohesive.

The boys use of atmospheric rock and jangle pop elements in between experimental jazz creates a whole much better than the sum of its parts. The album ultimately triumphs without an accessible standout hit. This isn’t by accident, as Joe Morin sings, “I’ll take my chances/Now I can climb to see what I need to” — an indication that the band knows well its place and the type of listener who will catch on to what they are saying. While it may be an acquired taste for those used to a diet of soundalike Christian music, the group’s unpredictable changes in song form and instrumentation suggest a creativity in songwriting absent from many of their contemporaries songbooks.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Let Go / Edison Glass / James Usher Edison Glass 2:21
Cold Condition / Edison Glass / Joshua Silverberg Edison Glass 3:37
Without a Sound / Edison Glass Edison Glass 4:01
End of You / Nathan Dantzler / Edison Glass / Joshua Silverberg / James Usher Edison Glass 3:11
All Our Memories / Edison Glass Edison Glass 4:14
Chances / Edison Glass Edison Glass 3:33
See Me Through / Joshua Silverberg Edison Glass 3:47
The Jig Is Up / Edison Glass Edison Glass 2:37
Our Bodies Sing / Edison Glass / Joshua Silverberg / James Usher Edison Glass 3:48
Children in the Streets / Joshua Silverberg Edison Glass 3:43
Jean Valjean / Edison Glass / Joshua Silverberg Edison Glass 4:16
Time Is Fiction / Edison Glass Edison Glass 4:22
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