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Turning Rebellion into Money – Conflict

Turning Rebellion into Money - Conflict Artist: Conflict
Album: Turning Rebellion into Money
Release Date: 1987
Duration: 01:17:04
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Anarchist Punk, British Punk, Hardcore Punk, Punk, Punk/New Wave
Recording Date: April 18, 1987
Recording Location: The Brixton Academy, London, England

At the peak of their success and before they were banned across Britain, Conflict put together the Gathering of the 5000 at the Brixton Academy in London.

Thousands showed up, but the gig is mostly infamous for the police riot that followed, where 52 people were arrested and nine policeman injured.

There’s also this double live album recording, which is famous in its own right, because it has Conflict performing most of their hits along with a bunch of Crass songs, with Steve Ignorant on vocals. The sound quality isn’t great, though not bad either. There are some pauses for fighting, as well as a warning from Conflict to the crowd that there’s a wall of police waiting for them outside. Other songs which ended in fighting were cut from the record. Conflict plays Crass’ hits like “Do They Owe Us a Living?” and “Banned From the U.K.” fine, but other than as a historical document, this record is not essential.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Banned from the U.K. Conflict 3:36
A Piss in the Ocean / Conflict Conflict 1:28
Big a Little a Conflict 4:24
Increase the Pressure / Conflict Conflict 1:47
The Serenade Is Dead / Conflict Conflict 2:39
You Said That Conflict 1:11
From Protest to Resistance / Conflict Conflict 3:09
To Whom It May Concern / Conflict Conflict 2:56
Big Hands Conflict 1:36
So What Conflict 2:58
I Ain’t Thick (It’s Just a Trick) Conflict 2:54
G’s Song Conflict 0:27
Contaminational Power Conflict 1:44
Cruise / David Gilmour Conflict 1:38
Major General Despair Conflict 2:30
One Nation Under the Bomb Conflict 1:17
Bomb Conflict 0:45
Punk Is Dead Conflict 1:38
Rival Tribal Revel Rebel Conflict 2:42
Statement / Conflict / Euvin Spencer Conflict 1:56
The Day Before / Conflict Conflict 3:10
This Is the A.L.F. / Conflict Conflict 2:23
Tough Shit Mickey / Conflict Conflict 2:26
Reality Whitewash Conflict 2:27
Working Class Ripoff Conflict 3:00
Mighty and Superior / Conflict Conflict 6:10
Do They Owe Us a Living? Conflict 1:22
How Does It Feel / Steve Lukather Conflict 3:53
This Is Not Enough Conflict 1:55
Positive Junk Conflict 1:30
The System Maintains Conflict 2:28
Berkshire Conflict 3:05
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